Elevator Pitch

Many companies present themselves on the interweb. Many of them do the same stuff.

So how do you stand out?

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Digital Wedding Preparations

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Removing Stumbling Blocks In Mobile Forms

Hands down, forms are probably one of the most annoying topics when it comes to user interfaces. For users as well as for designers it seems to be an odyssey, brimming with bad experiences. In the last couple of months, I have been working in a lot of projects involving interfaces for mobile devices in all shapes and colors. For me, it was very interesting to observe in user testing how my designs as well as the designs of colleagues, although all of them seemed to be very informed and sometimes clever solutions, finally were torn apart by users.

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Side projects are the bee's knees. I am helping out a friend with some design work. Above our current logo idea. There new baby is a sort of video heap. As you surf the net, you can add interesting videos to the heap (or the queue = qew). Then, when you are bored or have the time to watch a video, qew will have already sorted your collection and will suggest a good one to watch.

Looking forward to see, where that goes.

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It's all about the Snooze

I am not a morning person. I never was and will probably never be, but I have a plan. In the last couple of years I tried many things to improve my personal ability of getting out of the bed in morning, after a fashion. The problem is simple and consistent. I work late, tinker until early in the morning, sleep, try to do some sport, run to work. Most of the times: half asleep. This is going to end.

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Buffalo Bin

Seeing a bunch of kids swarming around any kind of furball in a petting zoo is quite normal and mostly adorable. Seeing a bunch of kids swarming around a trash can in that same petting zoo made me look closely. In fact it made my day.

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Plug and Play

This undercover USB stickman is a usability nightmare, probably not a long term investment but ingenious on so many different levels. Kudos to whoever contrived the little man, you make me smile.

Yours truly, Homo Ludens

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Creative Cretaceous

I liked school. Not the whole deal in general, in parts it has been very boring. But there are a few things about this place that I start to miss and wish to incorporate back into the everyday. One of the things I miss the most are the big chalkboard walls in every room.

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Hacking Expedit

Recently we decided to beef up our bland ikea furniture a bit. The victim was an expedit rack that we use as a hi-fi rack in our living room. I am a huge fan of pixel art and would cover my whole appartement in 8-bit if I could. Anyhow, as we wanted it to be something that is functional and nice to look at, we decided the only reasonable thing to do is to cover the whole rack with a curtain of dice.

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Multichannel Experiences

Recently I have to deal a lot with user experiences of services and products that live simultaneously on websites, microsites, mobile, in mail or social media, in-store and even in call centres. These services and products, to which we refer to as multichannel experiences, can be quite challenging to get right.

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Browser Gaming

A Logo for a new browser based realtime strategy game that some friends and I are working on.

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Infographics Love

I love Infographics. Extensive problems explained quick and easily digestive, appealing, engaging. Recently I talked to the creators of Ubuntu about opening up the OS to a wider audience and used this tiny Infographic to open up the conversation...

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Doodle, Erase

A couple of days, I stumbled upon an old magna doodle board at a flea market in London. Doodling on it is pure amusement. Doodle, erase, doodle, erase, think visual. Anyway it feels almost like a necessity to incorporate this doodle board into some sort of tinker project. It might be a great remote drawing surface. Arduino and so on. Some day...

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Learn Something Every Day

Learn Something Every Day is a brilliant project. Every day the folks at Young put out a new fun fact skit that amuses me a lot. Though I do look at their site on an almost daily base and even subscribed to their feed, I was wondering if their might be a somehow ubiquitous way to integrate these little units of mental candy into an everyday.

That's why they can now be streamed to a Chumby.

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Sculpting a Master's Thesis

Tough to realize, but in the last couple of months, I spent quite a lot of time on writing, sculpting and vagabonding over a single page of text; i.e. the abstract of my master's thesis.

In retrospect the process of gradually sculpting it has even been quite helpful. Not only did it help to communicate the gist of it to friends and colleagues to develop and discuss ideas. Primarily it served as a mental scaffolding to define the scope of the research project, while keeping track of what is being done, how and why of course.

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Pumpkin seeds are great, super delicious and a regular guest in our oven.

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A pretty folksy bread recipe that you don't see a lot these days in Germany anymore is onion bread. Though incredibly tasty it is hard to find in a typical bakery. Thanks to a recent tip from grandma, we have a new addition to the recipe box.

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Paninio Pomodoro

A recent visit to Milan brought a new discovery. A clever master of subtle bakery mixed dried antipasti tomatoes into a nice but strong wheat-dough. Another one for the recipe box, as they come with a strong flavor and nice texture.

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Where are you from?

A low-brow and wonderful take on data mapping. Some weeks ago, my girlfriend and visisted Fremantle, WA. Since Fremantle picks up visitors from all over the globe, a bar owner started to ask people to stick a pin on a map to show where they come from. Over time he gathered actually quite an impressive collection. Although this place seemed to be somewhat famous among Europeans, I was able to put a pin for my hometown :-)

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Ever thought about creating some bakery that brings a little bit of the unexpected? We wanted to create something, that puzzles our fellows for a bit. The solution: Cheese that doesn't melt. No rocket science, just a little trick. Into our normal bread dough, we mix frozen cheese cubes that won't melt while baking and therefore leave a little bit of scepsis about how you managed to weave that cheese into the bread. Moreover, texture and taste are remarkable :-)

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